Dormitory "Torn" (Fr. R. Kreutzwaldi 52)

Dormitory „Torn“ is a 16-storey building that accommodates local students of the University of Life Sciences, as well as all of our foreign students. There are apartments with two or four rooms. Most of the rooms in the building are twin rooms. For University of Life Sciences students who are at least in their second year, we also offer the possibility of renting a single room, provided there are any available. On the second floor of the building there are some family rooms suitable for students with children. Every apartment has a kitchen, a shower room and a bathroom.


From the upper floors of the building, there is a beautiful view onto the university campus. Most of the university buildings are only a short walk away. The main building is right across the road from the dormitory. The nearest bus stop is only a minute away from the dormitory so you can easily get to the city centre or to the train station by bus (it takes about 10 min). There is also a cross-country bus stop near the dormitory so you can easily hop on a bus to the Tallinn airport. The nearest bus stops when you come from city centre are Maaülikool and Tuglase, the nearest bus stops when you want to go to the city centre, are Tartu Näitused and Tuglase.


On the basement floor there is a locked bike storage room and a washing room where students can wash and dry laundry. There is free WiFi in the building and you can also use a datacable if necessary.


Parking around the building is free, but there are limited parking spaces and you need to follow the parking signs (some parking spots require staff permits). You can also park around the other university buildings nearby.


Student Union headquarters are also located in the building. You can access the rooms from the side entrance of the building. There you can get information and help on different things, as well as some paid services (e.g. printing, buying university memorabilia).