List of weekly cleaning chores

Dormitory tenants are responsible for the cleaning and upkeep of their apartments. The best way to divide up tasks is to make a cleaning schedule either for every tenant of your apartment separately or divide it up by rooms. Everyone should clean up after themselves though and not hope that someone else will do it for them.

It is possible to borrow basic cleaning equipment from the dormitory reception.


  • CLEANING THE BEDROOMS: wipe the desks and windowsills with a moist cloth, remove fingerprints with a moist cloth from closet doors, room doors and lamp switches, clean the window from the inside
  • CLEANING THE FLOORS: swipe the dust and dirt off the floor using a broom and/or vacuum cleaner (from under the beds as well), wash with a moist cloth and washing liquid if necessary.
  • CLEANING THE BATHROOM AND TOILET: clean the sink with a washing agent, clean the mirror with glass cleaning liquid and a clean cloth or tissue paper, wash the shower room floor, remove hairs after taking a shower from the shower trap (to avoid clogs), wipe the shower room walls from water residue, clean the toilet bowl regularly with a brush and cleaning agent.
  • CLEANING THE KITCHEN: clean the sink with a cleaning agent, don't forget to wash your dishes after you eat, wipe kitchen cabinets, door and kitchen table.
    Make sure food in the freezer hasn't gone bad, clean the refridgerator shelves if needed and defrost the freezer once a month.
  • EMPTYING GARBAGE BINS: the person whose garbage filled up the can should empty it.