Fire safety

There are instructions on how to use the stove safely on all dormitory kitchen walls. These need to be followed in order to avoid causing a false fire alarm due to carelessness. Always turn on the air cleaner that is above the stove.


All apartment doors have an evacuation plan on them and you can also see the more detailed evacuation plan below.




In case of a fire alarm going off in your room or apartment, the receptionist will come and check the room for fire and the fire department will arrive shortly after. Because of the height of the building and the amount of people living here, the fire apartment is obliged to react to all instances of a possible fire threat.


The fine issued by the fire department for causing a false alarm is 50€ and if the person responsible is not found, the amount will be divided up by the residents of that apartment who are not able to confirm that they were away from the dormitory at the time.