Lease agreement

How to get a lease agreement?


  • In order to get a place at our dormitory, you first need to fill out an online application which you can find on this website. make sure you enter only correct information when filling in the application form (your full name, your gender, your contact person's name and phone number etc). Applications containing false information will be deleted. We will contact you if we need to specify some information.
  • ​After sending your room application, you will be put to our waiting list in chronological order and we will assign you a place as soon as possible.
  • We will offer rooms to students of the University of Life Sciences as a priority and after that if we have free places, we will offer them to students of other universities and everyone else.
  • When we have found a suitable room for you, we will make you a room offer in the campus system. You will get a notification on your e-mail about that.
  • To confirm the room offer, you should log into your campus account and accept the offer there. Without accepting the room offer, we cannot make a lease agreement for you.
  • After that we will finalize the lease agreement and send a deposit invoice to your e-mail. The deposit invoice needs to be paid by the deadline that is written on the invoice. You can either pay with online transfer or at the bank. It's not possible to pay at the dormitory.
  • You can sign the contract when you arrive at the dormitory - either at the registration desk or in the accommodation manager's office. Make sure you have read all the lease agreement terms and conditions as well as the house rules. By signing the contract, you are agreeing to follow those rules and regulations.
  • One copy of the contract will be given to you and one copy will stay with the dormitory.