One purpose of the Green University strategy is to create a healthy and attractive study, working and recreational environment, taking into account the principles of creating the smallest possible ecological footprint. One of the most accessible and simplest opportunities for minimizing your ecological footprint is sorting and recycling waste. That is why starting from November 15th 2018 it is possible to sort waste into four different containers at the Torn dormitory  household waste, biodegradable waste, packaging and paper/cardboard.

Waste containers are in a new location behind the Torn dormitory.

Leaving garbage bags on the ground next to the containers is not allowed!



How to sort my waste?








YES: solid food waste (meat, fish, vegetables and fruit, peels, bread, ready-made food, pastries, cheeses, butter and margarine, coffee grounds, teabags etc).



NO: liquid food waste (cooking oil, milk, soup, kefir, sauces), uncompostable materials (wood, textile, paper, paper and plastic plates etc), non-degradable waste (bones, plastic, metal, glass, ashes, cigarette butts, packaging, vacuum bags, waxed cardboard etc).

You may only put waste in the biodegradable waste container WITHOUT PACKAGING, IN BIODEGRADABLE PACKAGING or in a PAPER BAG.



It is not allowed to throw waste in the container in a plastic bag!









YES: plastic packaging (plastic bottles and canisters, yoghurt cups, sauce bottles, cosmetics and homecare products’ packaging, plastic bags, clean plastic boxes), glass packaging (glass bottles, glass jars, other clean glass containers), metal packaging (tin cans, metal lids and bottle caps).



NO: packaging that is half full and/or still uncleaned, plastic toys, chemicals’ packaging (household chemicals, aerosol bottles etc), lamps, glass, ceramics.









YES: newspapers, magazines, catalogues, junkmail, notebooks, paper, envelopes, coverless books, cardboard, paper bags etc



NO: dirty or wet paper and cardboard, used paper towels, used paper plates, cardboard packaging (juice boxes), plastic, aluminum foil, copy paper.






In this container you should put things that cannot be recycled into any of the other containers - for example if the packaging is so dirty that it cannot be cleaned and it would make other packages surrounding it dirty as well. 



You can take all hazardous waste (leftover paint and glue, old daylight lamps, mercury thermometers), large waste (old furniture). old electronics (TV-s, radios, microwaves, electric kettles, sandwich toasters etc), car tyres, old and unusable medicine (old medicine can also be taken to a pharmacy).

All of these things can be taken to waste stations free of charge!

Tartu waste stations are located at the following addresses: Jaama 72C and Turu 49.



  • Packaging with deposit money (glass and plastic bottles) marking should be taken back to a collection point that can be located near most bigger (and some smaller) stores. That way you will get some money back from the bottles. The nearest recycling stations are in the buildings of the Comarket and Rimi food stores near the dormitories.
  • Single use and rechargeable batteries can be taken to any store that sells batteries - there are special collection boxes. You can also bring your old batteries to the dormitory reception.