Rohemu Campus "Torn" (Fr. R. Kreutzwaldi 52)

Rohemu Campus ("Torn")


Torn ("Torn" means "tower" in Estonian) is a 16-storey building that accommodates both local and international students of University of Life Sciences. The building was originally built in 1976 and it stands 50 m tall, being one of the tallest buildings in Tartu.


The dormitory has a 24/7 reception desk open that welcomes new tenants whenever they arrive and responds to tenant problems outside of office hours.


There are apartments with 2-4 bedrooms in Torn. Most of the bedrooms are twin rooms meant for up to two people. Every apartment has a kitchen, a shower room and a WC, which are shared between tenants who live in the same apartment.


From the upper floors of the building, there is a beautiful view onto the university campus. Most of the university buildings are a short walk away. The main building is across the road from the dormitory.


The nearest bus stop is only a minute away from the dormitory, so you can easily get to the city centre or to the train station by bus (it takes about 10 min). There is also a cross-country bus stop near the dormitory so you can hop on a direct bus to Tallinn (stops in Tallinn: Tallinn Airport and Tallinn Bus Station).

Nearest bus stops when arriving from city centre to the university are "Maaülikool" and "Tuglase" (buses nr. 3, 6 and 13).

Nearest bus stops when you want to reach city centre from the university are "Tartu Näitused" and "Tuglase" (buses nr. 3, 6 and 13).


Parking around the building is free for tenants, but there are limited amount of parking spaces and you need to follow the traffic signs and city regulations (some specially marked parking spots require staff permits or have limited 30 min parking time). You can also park around the other university buildings nearby. 


There are city bike rental docks around campus where registered users can borrow and return (electric) bikes.

Tartu also has an eScooter rental system (Bolt) so students can rent eScooters to ride around campus or to/from city centre.


Student Union headquarters are located in the same building as Torn. Access to Student Union is from outside, on right side of the building (as you face the front door). There you can get information and help on different things regarding student life, as well as access to some paid services (e.g. printing, university souvenirs).