Cleaning rooms

Weekly chore list

Dormitory tenants are responsible for cleaning their apartments and rooms. The best way to divide chores between yourselves is to come up with a cleaning schedule either for every person or every room in your apartment. Everyone should clean up after themselves and not hope that one of your flatmates cleans after you!

You are expected to bring your own cleaning supplies, but some basic things can be borrowed from the reception as well. The apartment common areas (kitchen, bathrooms, hallway) need to be cleaned EVERY WEEK, not just when you are moving out. If the apartments are not cleaned up to the standard, we will end the contracts of the tenants who do not keep clean.

  • CLEANING BEDROOMS: wipe desks, shelves and windowsills with a moist cloth, remove fingerprints from doors
  • CLEANING FLOORS: vacuum the floor or sweep it with a brush (including under your bed), wash with a moist cloth and some cleaning agent if necessary. 
  • CLEANING BATHROOMS AND TOILETS: clean the sink with a cleaning agent, use glass cleaner and some tissue paper to clean the mirror, scrub the shower floor, remove hair from the drain after you shower (or it will clog), clean the toilet bowl regularly with a toilet brush and washing agent.
  • CLEANING KITCHENS: clean the sink with a cleaning agent, wash your dishes when you are done eating, wipe kitchen counters, doors and the table. Remember to clear the cabinets from stale food regularly or it will attract bugs! Clean the fridge shelves and fridge door. De-ice the freezer when ice starts to form.
    DO NOT THROW LEFTOVER FOOD INTO THE SINK BECAUSE IT WILL CLOG THE DRAIN! (you can buy a drain cover to avoid that)
    Throw out any food that has gone off in the refridgerator and clean all the shelves to avoid bad smells.
  • EMPTYING TRASH CAN: if your trash fills up the kitchen trash can, you should be the one to empty it. Leaving trash bags in the dormitory hallways is NOT ALLOWED! All trash can be sorted in the bins behind the building.