Fire safety

There is an instruction manual in Estonian and English near all stoves in the dormitory. These safety instructions need to be followed precisely in order to avoid the fire alarms being triggered due to carelessness!

Important things to remember when cooking:


  • Do not put the stove heat settings on too high - this will help you avoid burning your food
  • Never leave a stove unattended while cooking!
    90% of false fire alarms in the dormitory are triggered when tenants leave the kitchen during cooking and the food burns
  • Always turn on the air ventilation above the stove (it doesn't make a noise when turned on, but it works)
  • If there is already smoke in the kitchen, do not open your bedroom doors until the smoke has cleared a little bit into the air ventilation. If you open the bedroom doors immediately, the smoke will trigger the alarms.
  • Never cover the fire alarms in your apartment or take them down - this will result in a 50€ fine and it's a big fire safety hazard in a high-rise building.
  • Never use water to try and extinguish burning oil! In case of a fire, there is a FIRE BLANKET in every kitchen (hanging on the wall) which you can use to put out a smaller fire. 



In case of a fire alarm going off in your room or apartment, the fire alarm will sound in the whole dormitory. A member of staff will come immediately and check the room for a real fire. In case there is no fire, we will instruct you on how to proceed and we will shut off the alarm. The Estonian Fire and Resque Board firefighters are also required to arrive to the scene and check the situation. They might come to the apartment and ask a few questions.

The person(s) responsible for triggering a fire alarm will need to write an explanation on what triggered the alarm and send the explanation to the accommodation manager's e-mail or bring the written explanation on paper to the reception desk.


All apartment doors have an evacuation plan on them and you can also FIND THE EVACUATION MANUAL FOR "TORN" DORMITORY HERE