House rules


1 These House Rules (hereinafter the Rules) are obligatory for all persons who have entered into a lease relationship with the Dormitory of the Estonian University of Life Sciences (EMÜ).

2 The Rules determine and regulate the tenants’ relations with the Dormitory and specify the rules of behaviour.

3 The House Rules are effective until the publication of the Rules. The Dormitory is entitled to make alterations and additions to the Rules, publishing them immediately after approval.


2.1 It is prohibited in the Dormitory:

2.1.1 to drink alcohol, use narcotic and toxic substances; to be or move in the Dormitory and in the premises of the Dormitory under the influence of alcohol, narcotic or toxic substances.

2.1.2 unauthorised installation of electric appliances and cables.

2.1.3 to throw things or pour liquids from windows.

2.1.4 to cause any kind of damage to implements, lighting fixtures, elements of the building’s facade, windows, doors, fire-fighting equipment, engineering systems etc. of the Dormitory.

2.1.5 It is forbidden to smoke, use an e-cigarette or shisha in the dorm rooms. It is allowed to smoke outside the dorm rooms only in designated smoking areas.

2.1.6 keep pets.

2.1.7 drive or park motor vehicles on sidewalks and green areas bordering the Dormitory. Vehicles shall be parked in specially designated places. The Dormitory is not liable for damage caused by means of transportation.

2.1.8 disturb the public order in any way.

2.2 The time of rest in the Dormitory is from 23.00 to 6.00. During the time of rest in the Dormitory, any excessive noise, playing of musical instruments, disturbance of sleep of other occupants etc. are forbidden. The tenant shall observe universal rules of ethics and behaviour.

2.3 The tenant shall:

2.3.1 keep the Dormitory room, commonly used rooms and the Dormitory surroundings clean and tidy;

2.3.2 not leave electrical appliances switched on without attention;

2.3.3 use water and electricity in an economical manner;

2.3.4 observe fire safety and environment protection requirements;

2.3.5 carry out all legal directions given by security guards and representatives of administration (administrator, superintendent etc.);

2.3.6 prevent the destruction of Dormitory implements through their own fault or the fault of others, wilfully or due to negligence. Incurred damage shall be compensated by the person guilty at the prices as of the day on incurring the damage; if no guilty person is found, the damage shall be compensated jointly and severally by tenants of the respective room, section, floor or house.

2.3.7 upon opening of locked doors, the tenant shall lock them again after them.

2.4 Guests:

2.4.1 Guests in the Dormitory shall present their ID (student card, passport or driving licence) at the security desk. Security guards are entitled to demand from the receiving person that they provide a signature with which they take responsibility for their guests.

2.4.2 Those guests who have alcoholic beverages with them or are under the influence of alcohol shall not be granted access to the Dormitory.

2.4.3 The Tenant is entitled to receive guests from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm. The Tenant is responsible for their guests and damage and disturbance caused by them.

2.5 Cleaning:

2.5.1 the Tenant shall clean their room, section and vestibule. The tenants shall put garbage in garbage bins themselves.

2.5.2 commonly used areas shall be also cleaned (showers, WC etc.). In the shower room, remove grating from the drainage hole and clean the trap once a week.

2.5.3 when using an electric stove, switch on the air cleaner. After using the kitchen, the tenant shall clean the kitchen and clean the stove; upon leaving the kitchen, switch off the stove by rotating the knobs to the 0 position and switch off the air cleaner.

2.5.4 at least 2 times a year switch off the refrigerator, defrost it and clean the inside with water.

2.5.5 in the Dormitory room occupied by the tenant, the tenant undertakes to wash the window(s) on the inside and the door(s) on both sides at least twice a year.


3.1 The lease agreement of the leased premises expires when the Agreement term has expired. In the case of ordinary termination of the agreement, the tenant shall notify the Dormitory’s administrator to this effect at least 30 days in advance, having written a respective application. Before the termination of the lease agreement the tenant shall pay all of their debts and perform all of their obligations to the Dormitory.

3.2 Upon vacation, the tenant shall clean his living quarters and take care that all of the furniture and other property on the premises are present at the moment of return. The contractual penalty for not tidying the rooms is 50 € .

3.3 When the leased property is being returned, a respective inventory is made with the Landlord’s representative which shall be recorded in the property transfer and acceptance act and verified with the signatures of the parties. Return of property and termination of the agreement shall take place on workdays.

3.4 The Dormitory is entitled to refuse entry into the lease agreement for a new accommodation period with a tenant who has repeatedly failed to perform their obligations under the agreement or violated the terms and conditions of the agreement and requirements specified in the House Rules.