Room application

Please read all the information below before filling out the application form!


The whole process of getting a dormitory contract is described here:


International University of Life Sciences' (EMÜ) students and staff can fill out the room application all-year-round. 

Students and staff of other universities / non-students can apply if they are accompanying a student / staff member of our university (partners, spouses, family members). 

As of 03.08.2022 it is certain that Torn dormitory is SOLD OUT, so only students and staff members of University of Life Sciences can still apply to be in the waiting list in case someone else cancels their booking. Students of other universities and non-students will not get any offers to Torn dormitory in August/September.



Please fill out the application form ~1 month before your estimated arrival date.

If you are applying for a VISA and need the contract quicker than 1 month ahead of arrival, you can send the room application earlier. 

Do not leave applying at the last minute (please fill out the form at least 1 week before your arrival!) or you might not be able to get a room in the dormitory. If you are applying for September and leave your application for the last minute, there is a high chance that you will not be able to get a place.


Before filling out the application, read the following: 


  • You can only have 1 active application in the waiting list. If you send in several applications, only the last one will be kept and others deleted.
  • Make sure all the data you enter into the application is correct. If you send in an application with incorrect information (e.g. fake name), it will be deleted.
  • Fill out all mandatory fields marked with a * or you won't be able to move on to the next page of the application.
  • Make sure you write your FIRST NAME and FAMILY NAME in the correct fields. Make sure to write your name as it is on your ID/passport - no nicknames are allowed. If your name does not follow the FIRST NAME-FAMILY NAME model, please write it into the fields as you see fit.
  • The application asks for your contact person's name and phone number. This should be the contact person from our university (students coordinator, supervisor etc.) OR someone close (spouse, partner, parent etc.) who we can get in contact with in case of emergency. Write only the person's name, who they are and contact phone number.
  • You can choose only certain contract starting dates from the application dropdown menu. If you want to start the contract at another date, please write that date in the application comments box. We will start your contract from that day and you will start paying rent from that day.
  • The application asks for your bank account number. This is needed in order to transfer your deposit back to your account after the contract ends. This does not have to be Estonian bank account, it can be your local one. You can also change this account before ending your contract with us if you want the deposit returned to another account. Dormitory cannot automatically take any payments from your account even if you enter the bank account number to the application.
  • If you want to apply together with a friend/partner/spouse/family member, please fill in a group application. Instructions for the group application are at the bottom of the application first page.

    If you want to share a twin room with someone, each person should choose "one place in twin room" in the application. That way both of you will get a contract for half of the room.

    If both of you want to have your own bedroom, but share an apartment, both should choose "two places in twin room" in the application. That way each will get a contract for one bedroom.

  • If the person who you want to apply with already has a dormitory contract, please write their full name and room number into the application comments box. Let us know if you want to share a room or apartment with them. 

    After sending in the application:

  • Once you have submitted your application, you will receive an e-mail with your username and password for logging into your personal Campus page, where you can view your room application(s), room offer(s), messages, contract(s) and rent invoices. If you don't see that e-mail your inbox, check the spam folder (automated messages might get sorted there).
  • This username and password expire after 5 days if you don't log into Kampus during that time. They will not expire after you have used them at least once. You can get new password e-mail from the accommodation manager.
  • After getting  a room offer, you have 1 week to accept it or reject it before the offer expires. Once the offer has expired, you cannot accept it anymore. In that case contact the accommodation manager to request a new offer.
  • If you reject the offer made to you it might not be possible to get another one, so make sure to do it only if you are sure you don't want a place at the dormitory.
  • If you accept the room application and get a contract with us, but decide to not move here for any reason, inform the accommodation manager by e-mail. Your dormitory contract will not be automatically cancelled if you don't show up. Cancelling the contract before it's starting date is free and in that case the deposit will be returned to you. If you don't cancel your contract before it's starting date, the deposit will be used as the booking fee.
  • The contract starting date is the earliest day when you can check into the dormitory, sign your contract and get the keys. You cannot check in and get the keys before official starting date. We ask that you do not arrive to the dormitory before starting date of your contract because the room might not be available yet.
  • If you arrive to the dormitory before the official starting date of your contract, you will need to change the contract at accommodation manager's office (contract changing fee 10€) in order to be able to start the rent period earlier.
  • If you arrive to the dormitory before the official starting date of your contract and your room is not available yet, you can book a room at Torn hostel (payment can be done at reception desk) for a few nights until your dormitory contract starts. Ask for hostel room availability at the reception.



You can fill out the room application form at the link HERE.



If you have problems logging in to your Kampus profile with your password, try using a different browser to log in and clear cookies from your browser. Try clicking the buttons slowly. Usually it solves the issue.